Saturday, February 4, 2012

Life is all about choices. Every single issue that you'll ever be presented with will also afford you the option of choosing different responses. Yes or no, up or down, stay or go, do something or let it be. Some options have pretty predictable endings, but some could go either way. 

You point your car at the edge of a cliff and accelerate, well.... no prize if you can guess how that's going to end. You eat a Big Mac a day for two months - guaranteed you'll have to go clothes shopping at some stage.

Certain risks are worth taking but there are some that simply aren't worth even considering.

It is a given fact that we are on this earth for only a short while. I can choose how I would like to live my own personal life while I'm here - I definitely can't complain about the range of choices available to me. I can throw all caution to the wind and do exactly what I please, the sky is the limit.

So why then, with all the thousands of options available to me, would I choose to base my life on the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ?

This would be my answer...

Since I have placed the Lord in the centre of my life, a gentle but very real peace has fallen over me. I have felt the amazing warmth of His love touch my heart and I know that every promise He makes in the Bible is real because He answers my prayers, one after the other. I will not risk a life without the Lord in it because that, without a doubt, will be the biggest risk I can ever take!

So I choose to live a life believing that God exists. Knowing that God exists.

I don't mind taking risks now and then, but my life is simply too important. I refuse to risk it by not giving it one hundred percent to the Lord.

I choose to enter through that narrow gate I read about in Matthew 7: 13-14. I choose to walk on the road that is mapped out for me in the scriptures provided. It very clearly states that it will be bumpy on occasion, but it also promises a destination that is beyond all destinations.

Welcome to this little blog. Nothing that is ever posted here will have been written without it having been prayed about. I take what the Lord lays on my heart seriously and I know that He, and He alone, will choose who He leads to these pages. I humbly accept the task that I feel He has given me in keeping this journal. A journal not just of my own journey with Him but a journal that could provide that one word, that one phrase or verse that you, or the next person reading it might need to hear at a specific time in their lives.

I continue to be inspired by the things I read on blogs of women that I have never met. Women who live continents away but who could very well have lived next door to me. Women who are faithful and walk the walk - examples that the Lord has sent me in order to find my own way. As a thank you I would like to share some of these blogs with you every now and again. Do take the time to visit them if you feel led to do so!

My very first link is to Shanda whom I hope to meet in real life before the end of the year!


  1. This is beautiful and I love your heart and that you have decided to share it with us. It makes me even more excited to see you and share a part of our journey with you.

  2. Dear Emilene,
    I choose to walk the narrow road too:)
    Welcome to blog land. I am honored to see my button here, thank you!
    Looking forward to coming back and reading more of what the Lord lays on your heart.
    Forgive me if you don't see comments from me, for some reason I cannot get them to go through on a lot of blogs.
    And I love the lavender. When I go home to Oklahoma in the summers, my sister always takes me to a Lavender Festival:)
    Blessings to you~
    Kristin Bridgman
    (via shanda....Kristin couldn't get her comment to post to sent it to me to pass on.)

  3. Thanks for passing the message on Shanda! There is something special about lavender Kristin - this is a pic that I took in my mother's garden so extra special for me!

    I too am very excited about what the Lord is going to lay on my heart - what a journey we are on!

  4. Oh, sweet Emilene. Can I just say that I love the words that pour forth from your heart. I can see God using this space to do amazing things in your life and in the lives of those of us who visit. I'm so excited to see what else will come on these pages. Lovely, lovely, lovely. so wish I could be your actual next door neighbor.

  5. Jen - :) I would have LOVED having you as my neighbour! Can you imagine how many cups of tea we would have shared in a week!! Thanks for your lovely words!


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