Thursday, March 22, 2012

Women for God!

Spending two days with a group of women who are not shy to lift their hands in praise of the Lord. Women who are not afraid to let the tears roll and who gratefully accept hugs from strangers.

What a blessing!

My fingers felt like feathers at times as they raced across the pages of my notebook - I felt like a sponge, all I wanted to do was to absorb as much, and as fast, as I could! I probably have a few weeks worth of words that I am able to share with you on this little blog after this experience, so as an introduction - I thought I'd share a few random thoughts as I wrote them down:

Psalm 51 - 'Search my heart!'

Come to the Lord - just as a child would.

The root of your pain has to be dealt with before healing can take place!

Divine life only comes from God!

Do you have divine life while you're 'coping' ?

Coping captures you and keeps you from divine life!

Renew your mind!

Exercise your spirit in Godliness!

God has a divine destiny for all of us.

You need to know that God is sufficient!

Choose to forgive - choose to repent - choose life!

Repentance is the place where you are brought back to a place of humility.

If you have the understanding of the invisible you will be able to do the impossible!

Instead of gossiping about an issue - start praying for the people involved!

Prayer is so powerful as it operates in another dimension!

Nothing is impossible for God.

Make a choice to change your priorities.

Become totally dependant of God!

One of the things that came over really strongly is the importance of repentance. Repentance really means to change your mind about something. To repent and receive forgiveness brings peace - to FORGIVE brings peace!

I received so much during the two days I spent with these women - now I pray that God will help me organise these gifts in such a way that I can relate it here, little by little, in ways that will bless you, the reader, in a similar way.